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PEX VS Copper for New Construction Plumbing

Which is better, PEX or Copper for new construction plumbing?

Copper pipping has been used for decades as the go to material for plumbing water solutions in residential and commercial applications. As a trained skilled tradesman we take pride in soldering copper together to create quality plumbing solutions that will last for years. Copper is naturally resistant to bacteria and fairly corrosion proof, making it an ideal metal for plumbing. Its also resistant to ultra violet light so its okay to use outdoors.

Over the years copper has gotten more expensive so we have seen the rise in PEX. Copper will also freeze if you are in colder climates where PEX is less likely to freeze. Copper can also develop pin hole leaks over time and we are starting see them more frequently here in the Murrieta Valley.

The biggest advantage of PEX is its about 25% cheaper then copper and faster to install. Like copper there are different levels of PEX quality and different methods of installation. We use only the best quality, Uponor PEX connected with collars. Unlike copper, if you need to fix a home that was plumbed with PEX its a guess with what method was used to install. This could lead to a challenge for the plumber trying to figure out how to fix a plumbing issue years after the home was built, especially if they don't use the same method of installing PEX.

Overall we still prefer to use copper for new residential projects, we know this method has been trusted for years and will last. If asked to plumb the house in PEX we will only use Uponor PEX connected with collars, we have had the most success with this method.

1 comment

1 Comment

Steve Nicholls
Steve Nicholls
Oct 29, 2022

Data is coming out about PEX leaching VOC's in to the water. google it. Look at study from Perdue university . I would probably go with copper now

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